Foot Reflexology

30min  $40 


Add Reflexology to a facial, body wrap, or enjoy it a-la-carte.


Reflexology is a specialized foot massage that uses pressure applied to specific reflex areas of the feet in order to coach the body to rebalance itself. Different areas of the feet can be "worked" to therapeutically relieve stress and pain, stimulate the immune system and blood supply, and induce relaxation. The feet have more than 7,000 nerve endings inter connecting to the brain and the vertebral column.


In reflexology, it is believed that pressure on specific areas of the feet causes an involuntary reflex to the corresponding part of the body that can be utilized either to calm over active areas or stimulate under active areas.


"It's an amazing treatment".


A spa favorite


When you book an Essential Oil Cocoon Body Wrap, M'Lis Compression Wrap or a facial, you might also enjoy a reflexology foot treatment.

Follow these treatments with a 60 min stress relief massage.

Then, call someone to drive you home. Sleep well! zzzzz