Waxing Rules

  1. Your hair must have a soft curve for wax to adhere to it. Approx. 4 weeks of hair growth—1/4 inch long.
  2. No tanning 48 hrs. before or after waxing. 
  3. No hot baths, No abrasives, No deodorant (day of only).
  4. Avoid caffeine or acidic juice, too much acid in the stomach causes redness.
  5. Avoid wearing panty hose for 1-2 hrs. after bikini and leg waxes. Skin may over heat. 
  6. Certain skin conditions may prevent waxing.
  7. Pregnancy or menstrual cycles will cause sensitivity during waxing, due to water retention.
  8. Review your internal medications, many thin the skin, and cause skin to lift during waxing.
  9. We cannot wax a client on accutane.
  10. Topical drugs or products that resurface the skin go into the skin and spread. You could definitely lift skin in all areas surrounding a topical application. It is best to wait at least 48 hrs. before waxing and 48 hours after waxing before reapplication. Skin may still lift.
  11. After waxing areas prone to ingrown hairs, you need to use a topical exfoliator on a daily basis and keep the area moist. This will help the hair coming in break through the surface of the skin and not turn inward.
  12. Ask your service provider for a recommendation.

If you are unsure about waxing—just ask, no question is dumb.  If we don't know the answer we will find out for you.