Common Questions About Waxing

Does it hurt?  Of course. The first time it hurts more than any other time.

Will it always hurt?
Yes.  However, if you continue to wax regularly it will hurt less and less. You will be removing less hair each time you wax. Your hair will get softer and the roots will get weaker. This is why if you start waxing you need to continue waxing on a regular basis.  If you wax once and then wait until it has all grown back, it will be a first time wax all over again.  It also depends on your level of pain tolerance; it hurts more for some people than it does for others.


How Long does my hair need to be?
Your hair must be at least long enough to have a soft curve to it. 4 weeks of hair growth, 1/4" long.


How often will I need to be waxed?
It averages out to approximately once a month. 

See Stages of Hair Growth
Why should I wax in the winter?
Continuing your waxing treatments through the winter months, avoids having to start treatments all over again every summer. The longer you wax the less hair you have.


Will my hair grow back thicker-stronger-darker?
Absolutely not! The only thing that will promote hair growth is hormone change in the body and topical cortisone creams. 


Help I have in grown hairs!
You need to exfoliate (remove) surface cells to provide daily defense against ingrown hairs and irritation. We have bath gloves, body scrubs, chemical exfoliators and moisturizers to help discourage ingrowns.


How did I get in grown hairs?
As your hair gets softer it loses the strength to break through the surface of the skin and curls inward causing ingrown hairs.  Ingrowns can also come from hair breakage caused by improper waxing. Either way, you need to get rid of those dead, pore clogging surface cells so that your hair can break through the skins surface.


What is the effect of waxing on the skin?
Dead skin cells come off with the wax. This will leave the skin feeling quite smooth. The waxing action may also cause the skin to sting and you may want to apply a soothing cream to your skin after waxing. Some people find the skin reacts with red bumping. This bumping will disappear after a few hours.


How long does waxing take?
Any where from 15 minutes to 1 an hour, it depends on the body part being waxed and the density of the hair growth.


What is Brazilian Waxing?
True Brazilian is bikini hair -All off, All gone, front to back. We do a true, full Brazilian. If you prefer we can do an adaptation, such as a racing stripe. Your call!


What is a Basic Bikini Waxing?
A more conservative waxing that mimics the lines on a basic bikini swim suit.


I'm Going on Vacation. When should I start waxing?
If you have been waxing on a regular basis and plan on a sunny vacation the best time to wax is 2 to 3 days before departure. This will allow for sun exposure time. If this is a first time wax, Remember, the day after you wax you may feel stubble. If you want to wax you need to make a commitment to waxing on a regular basis. The longer you wax the longer your body stays clean and smooth after waxing. We suggest that you wax 3 to 4 times before a big vacation, wedding, etc. This may take a period of 3 to 4 months.

(See Stages of Hair Growth)