Stages of Hair Growth



The hair on your body is always maintaining 3 stages of growth.


 Hair that is visible to the eye
 Hair that is just below the surface of the skin
 Hair that is in the process of falling out


# 1 Represents the ideal situation for waxing. We recommend 4 weeks hair growth before waxing. Hair has a soft curve and is long enough to have a depilatory wax adhere to it. Note - this hair is attached to the root. When hair grows from the root it has a point and will feel soft when it surfaces. Hair grown from the root won't have the blunt end you see in Figure #5.


# 2 Represents a new hair shaft on its way to the surface.


# 3 Represents a new hair shaft just surfacing, not long enough for the wax to adhere to it.


# 4 The hair shaft has released from the blood supply and is in the process of falling out.


# 5 Represents hair that has been shaved. Note the blunt end the razor left. This is why you feel stubble. This hair is not long enough for wax to adhere to it.


Wax will only adhere to hair that is showing (hair that has a soft curve to it). Wax won't stick to stubble.

You will feel this stubble right after waxing. Then within a day or two the hair that is just below the surface will start to grow and you will feel more stubble. It takes time for hair to evolve into an even growth pattern. As you continue to wax, your skin will become smoother and smoother. When it comes to hair growth we are all individuals, some people will experience results faster than others.