Shellac Nails

Shellac - Like gel nails, offers a rock-hard longevity, "cures" dry under

a UV lamp, and is removed in the salon (a 10-minute soak off process involving acetone).


Shellac looks, and is applied exactly, like normal nail polish; there's no buffing, soaking or drilling, and the finish is thin, flexible and glossy.  It's also free of the three chemical "baddies": formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.


Huge plus: There's no dry time.  No panic when you dig for your phone

                    and you can wear your seat belt home.


How Are Shellac Nails Applied?


Your Absolute Necessities Nail Tech Will:

  • Clean your hands
  • Shape your nails and work on your cuticle
  • Cleanse your nails
  • Apply Shellac Base Coat
  • Cure
  • Apply first coat of Shellac Color
  • Cure
  • Apply second coat of Shellac Color
  • Cure
  • Apply Shellac Top Coat
  • Cure and Clean Nail Surface

 Use cuticle oil twice a day - everyday

You're Out The Door Ready To Go (Absolutely No Drying Time)