Massage increases circulation and energy flow as well as reduces stress and relieves muscle tension. Our therapists will focus on your needs. They are capable of pressure ranging from light stress release, to knot releasing deep tissue. Communicate with your therapist and get the massage you want and need.


Stress Relief Massage 

30 minute $40    45 minute $55    60 minute $70

A massage customized to address your needs, using pressure ranging from relaxing/light to knot-releasing deep tissue.


Hot Stone Massage   60 minute $85   90 minute $115

This massage uses warm Basalt Stones to melt away your stress and tension. 

Contraindicated for pregnancy


Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage   75 minute $85

A Fusion of Chinese and American Techniques

This massage fuses warm bamboo and hot stones. 

Gentle yet deep, this massage mixes our hands with our tools to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Contraindicated for pregnancy


Muscle Delight Duo (Cocoon Wrap + Massage)

Wrap & 45 minute massage $110 

Wrap & 60 minute massage $125

Indulge in a muscle-warming wrap using our signature essential oil blend, followed by a relaxing, tension relieving massage.

See Essential Oil Cocoon Body Wrap for more details.

Contraindicated for pregnancy and those exercise restricted


Absolute Relaxation Foot/Calf Massage  30 minute $40

It’s all about pampering! We’ll use hot rocks, hot towels and an aroma therapy oil to massage you from your knees to your toes.

Reflexology  See Reflexology



Kelly Lott Migraine Miracle Treatment  $75

Have you ever had a migraine or headache?  Do you want a holistic approach to relieve pressure and pain?  Try our cold marble treatment to let the body and mind relax and chill out.