Rules For Application Of bareMinerals

The staff at Absolute Necessities has been working with bareMinerals mineral powder foundation since September of 2005. 


Swirl: Sprinkle a small amount of bareMinerals foundation powder into the lid of the powder jar. Swirl the brush gently into the lid. Use a kabuki brush for heavy coverage, or a Foundation Fluff brush for moderate coverage. Make sure that the minerals are worked into the brush and you don't have any loose powder showing on the tips of the brush hair. **Remember for even more coverage you can use Bisque or Summer Bisque Concealer under your mineral powder. Always apply your concealer with a Taklon concealer brush. A Taklon brush will give you the most amount of coverage.


Tap: Give your brush a couple of taps and recheck for powder clinging to the ends of the brush hair. We like to tap the handle of our brushes into the palm of our hand. This motion will allow the powder to distribute deeper into the brush.


Buff: Buff your powder foundation onto your skin in swirling, circular motions. Always start on the outside edges and work toward the center of the face. Check your coverage. If you want more coverage add a little more powder to your brush, with the swirl tap method, and then swirl onto your skin again. Remember a little goes a long way. As the bareMinerals powder warms up to your face and becomes a part of you, it looks better and better. Don't rush, the best is yet to come.