M’Lis Concentrates on Total Wellness


The M'lis Philosophy

We believe a beautiful face, body and soul is simply a reflection of one’s health.  Throughout our lives, numerous factors can alter the appearances of our bodies.  Weight gain, sedentary lifestyles and childbirth are common contributors to cellulite, decreased skin elasticity and weight gain.  The M'LIS Company has specialized in body contouring for 25 years.  Our natural products and holistic approach result in permanent inch loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.


M’Lis has a wonderful website with a lot of great information on the two services we offer at Absolute Necessities.


M'lis Website


The M’Lis Body Detox Program addresses issues such as toxic accumulation, fluid retention, poor circulation, poor lymphatic flow, lack of exercise, nutrient deficiency and effects of a toxic colon.  All of these things are contributors to cellulite and an unhealthy body.

M’Lis® Detox - Detox Herb Kit $68.95

This 5 day cleanse is designed to help rid your body of toxins. The M’Lis program is the start of a lifestyle change.

The following individuals should not detoxify; pregnant or nursing mothers, those on blood thinners or heart medication, those with epilepsy, or anyone who has completed cancer treatments within the past 5 years.


M’Lis Compression Wrap $115.

Patch test required 24hrs prior to your wrap appointment.  This service consists of the application of a natural contour crème followed by a warm, cozy wrap designed to increase circulation, while compressing soft tissue to give an inch loss of 2 to 14 inches.  You will need to allow yourself approximately 2hrs for this service.

Contraindicated for pregnancy and those exercise restricted  

See M'Lis Inch Loss Compression Wrap