Understanding Detoxification

The following individuals should not detoxify; pregnant or nursing mothers, those on blood thinners or heart medication, those with epilepsy, or anyone who has completed cancer treatments within the past 5 years.


It is good to understand the symptoms and changes that may occur when beginning a wellness and nutritional program. The M'Lis Wellness program is designed to use foods and supplements of a higher quality to replace the lower quality foods and supplements that have been a part of your diet. The closer a food comes to the natural state in which it grows, the higher its quality.


The quality of a wellness program is also improved by omitting toxic substances such as coffee, tea, sugar, soda, chocolate, alcohol, salt, black pepper, etc.  When the use of stimulants is stopped, the withdrawal registers in the mind as a decrease in energy. This is a crucial period, and if you use stimulants of any kind, you will abort the healing and detoxification processes of the body. It is important to have patience and wait it out. When this period is over you will have increased strength which will far exceed the way you felt before you began the program.


It is difficult for people, accustomed to having symptoms eradicated with medications, to understand a process that removes toxins rather than covers symptoms, and one that may make them feel worse for awhile in the process. Minor ailments are commonly driven deeper into the body through the use of drug therapy. The human body has a great capacity to store away toxins.


The healing process takes these substances out of storage and into circulation to be eliminated. When your body is detoxifying, it is throwing out poisons using the energy it has saved from the hard to digest meals you have eliminated. This cleansing action is often referred to as a healing crisis. The onset of symptoms during a healing crisis is usually rapid. You may experience some unpleasant symptoms at first such as headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, skin discharges, unusual sweating, unusual body odors, frequent urination, diarrhea, constipation, fever, a feeling of coldness, mental depression or irritability. Your body is under much stress during detoxification, and sufficient rest is vital. During detoxification, cooperate with your body by not using drugs to stop the cleansing process. They may make you feel better but they do it by driving the toxins back into the tissues. Get some rest instead and have no fear! The healing crisis generally lasts from a few hours to a few days, sometimes longer. It can be discouraging if you do not realize that it truly is a temporary situation. The greatest challenge of detoxification is to not become discouraged. The healthier one's condition, the fewer symptoms there will be. The more the body has to clean up, the harder and longer will be the cleansing side effects. They will also be more pronounced if the change in the diet is abrupt, and less so if it is gradual.


The diet following detoxification should not place demands on the body's energy levels. Foods heavy in protein or fat require great amounts of energy to be digested and must be avoided. Meals should be kept simple, light, easily digestible, and nutritious. Plenty of pure water, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended. Avoid foods containing preservatives, dyes, caffeine, sugar, as well as the use of tap water for drinking, (distilled water is preferable)


Reasons to Detox

  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Frequent Colds & Infections
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Handle Stress Poorly
  • Poor Concentration
  • High Alcohol Consumption
  • High Coffee Consumption
  • Desire for Sweets
  • Allergies
  • Frequent Need for Aspirin & Drugs
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Slow Start in the Morning
  • Frequent Memory Lapses
  • Digestive Problems
  • Heartburn/Acid Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Bad Breath
  • Cold Hands or Feet
  • Dull Thinning hair
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Energy
  • Over Weight
  • Under Weight
  • Skin Problems
  • Headache
  • Slow to heal
  • Aching Joints
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cramps in Muscles
  • Vision Problems
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Lack of Alertness
  • Afternoon Fatigue
  • Brittle Nails
  • Slow Hair Growth
  • Soft Stool
  • Dull Skin
  • Anxiety
  • High Cholesterol


Benefits of Detox 

  • Rejuvenating body cleanse
  • Increases energy
  • Helps clean out mucus, toxins, & waste materials
  • Liver, kidney, and blood purification
  • Achieve mental clarity
  • Reduces dependencies: sugar, caffeine, etc.


  • Helps restore the peristaltic action of the colon
  • Big step toward healthier lifestyle
  • Lose 3 – 8 lbs. Water and waste
  • Bad eating habits are broken
  • Begin to feel wellness return
  • Stomach shrinks to normal size
    Making it easier to control quantity of food eaten


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