M'Lis Detoxification Body Program Concentrates on total wellness

The M'Lis detox is a unique cleansing, purifying, and rebuilding program, that will help you look, feel and perform at your best.

M'Lis goal is one of prevention.  This is done with the understanding that a healthy lifestyle improves one’s quality of life, appearance, and longevity.

If you are in good basic health and seeking a lifestyle of preventive health, the Wellness Program is the course to follow.  The M’lis Program includes Detoxification 3-4 times per year to strengthen vital organs, eliminate accumulated toxins and wastes, and maximize immune system function.  M'Lis also strives for 100% nutrition through balanced, natural food choices and herbal supplementation.  A sensible exercise regimen is encouraged for cardiovascular health and flexibility.

The M'Lis Co. is committed to the health, vitality, and the appearance of their customers.  They are concerned with programs that offer total body wellness.


The M'Lis Co believes a beautiful face, body and soul is simply a reflection of one's health.  This is the foundation of the M'Lis Company and the underlying value behind all of their products and services.


M'Lis Internal Cleanse 

The M'lis Detoxification Program has been designed to help the body cleanse itself of toxins, mucus, and other waste materials in the intestinal tract and the major vital organs, thus helping them to function better.  This cleanse restores new energy to the entire body.  Detoxification is not a "cure-all", but is a definite aid for improving health and increasing vitality.  It is also the starting point for help in many abnormal body conditions, such as allergies, acne, arthritis, skin problems, cellulite, obesity, etc.


Disclaimer The M'Lis Company and Absolute Necessities believes that all suggested programs and herbal supplements, although they contain no drugs, should be discussed with your doctor.  We do not diagnose, prescribe, or feel that we can replace the services of your physician.  There are many variable problems that only your physician can diagnose and prescribe for. It is important to have regular check-ups.  We do not believe that you can treat yourself for any serious condition.  We believe that the body can heal itself, so these nutritional suggestions are not offered as a cure, but rather as aids to the body in re-establishing normal functions.  Some pathological changes are so severe, and the body's own healing mechanisms so weakened, that complete correction of any problem, is not possible.


If you keep waiting for just the right time, you may never begin. Begin now!


 Complimentary consultations are available on the M'Lis procedures offered at

    Absolute Necessities.  The entire M'lis program is based on a healthy lifestyle change.


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