Common Detoxification Questions

Why Should I Detoxify?
The M'Lis Detoxification Program has been designed to help the body cleanse itself of toxins, mucus, and other waste materials in the intestinal tract and the major vital organs, thus helping them to function better.  This not only restores new energy to your vital organs, but to the entire body as well.


How will I feel during my cleanse?
During detoxification, some people experience a headache, or feel nauseous, because the herbs are so effective in drawing toxic waste and congestion from the system.  If you have not smoked for as long as two years, you may taste tobacco.  This is the kind of cleanse M'Lis offers you.


I have a really bad headache, what should I do?
In the event that you have a violent headache, or are extremely nauseous, eat some fruit, and continue drinking the lemon mixture.  If headache continues discontinue the Formula D, but continue the other herbs.


I'm really in bad physical shape.  How can I make my detoxifying experience easier?

  • If you are overweight, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or caffeine drinks, use a lot of sugar products, have poor eating habits, use drugs, or have health problems, you may need to prepare your body in advance.  To help minimize the withdrawal symptoms you could experience 7 days before your 3 day detoxifying liquid cleanse drink a lot of water and fruit and vegetable juices, much more than usual.
  • Eat all you want of fresh vegetables and fruit.  Take the herbs as outlined in days 1 & 2 of the detox program and start to cut back on alcohol, and caffeine drinks.  If you are really serious about your health you can do it.  Doing this for a week before the regular three day Detoxification can greatly prepare an already over-burdened toxic body.


I have severe medical problems.
People with severe medical problems have detoxified successfully by taking the herbs and lemon juice mixture while on their regular diet and /or medication.  Your physician can best advise you how you can adjust your diet and your medication so you can cleanse safely.  Each time you detoxify, it will become easier as your body becomes cleaner.


What do the detoxifying herbs do?
During detoxification, the herbs will draw out your own poisons into your blood stream for elimination.  This is why it is important for you to drink your mixture of lemon/maple syrup every hour, as well as the distilled water.  The liquids that you drink will continually flush out the eliminated toxins.  The more diluted you keep these toxins, the faster you'll eliminate them and the better you'll feel.  The herbs will not make you ill, undiluted toxins will.


How long should I continue to take the detoxification herbs?
Until they are gone.  Take your herbs as long as you are following the program.  You will continue to detoxify if you don't go back to an unhealthy lifestyle.


Can I detoxify for longer than 3 days?
Yes, people with more severe toxicity could benefit by cleansing for a longer period.  However, it is more desirable to utilize the detoxification program on a regular basis for 3-4 days each time.  However if you feel great you can stay on you cleanse for 10 days.


Will I suffer hunger pangs during detoxification?
No you shouldn't.  But if you do, remember that you are supposed to drink the lemon/maple syrup juice mixture slowly, throughout the day, over an 8hr period.  Or you can add more maple syrup to the mixture.  This is your food in liquid form.


I don't think that I can last for 3 days with no food. What can I do?
If you are reluctant to go three days without eating solid food, follow the instructions outlined in your M'Lis detoxification book, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Because your cleanse will be slower, extend it until all the herbs are gone then introduce your grains and proteins slowly.


What if I feel like I must eat?
Eating has become a pastime.  We have come to crave the taste of food.  Are you really hungry or just used to eating?  If you are really hungry, increase your lemon/maple syrup, juice intake.  If all fails, eat an apple or banana then continue on with your program.  You may find that you have been eating out of habit, not hunger.


Why Lemon Juice, Pure Maple Syrup, Distilled Water and M'lis Herbs during Detoxification?

Lemon juice is rich in water soluble vitamins that the body cannot store.  Even though lemon is an acid fruit, it turns alkaline as it is digested and aids in attaining a proper pH balance.  It will not cause too much acid for a sensitive stomach.

Pure maple syrup is a balanced form of natural sugar.  It will not cause an insulin response.  Pure maple syrup is rich in many of the minerals and vitamins that the body needs. 

Formula D (Detoxifying):  Helps remove toxins and mucus from the major organs.  Also helps purify the blood stream and cleanse the lymphatic system.

Formula C (Intestinal Cleanser):  Acts as a bowl tonic.  Helps clean hard encrustation of old fecal matter.  Provides nutrients to help restore the peristaltic action of colon.

Wheat Bran/Psyllum (High Fiber):  Restores dietary fiber to the system, cleanses without calories, cleanses bowels and intestines, and helps to lower the cholesterol level.  Will combat constipation.

Distilled water: Distilled water is pure, it has no chemicals or bacteria to interfere with the cleanse.  We recommend continuing to use distilled water after your cleansing program.


*The Detoxification Herbs and your lemon/maple syrup mixture will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days.  Sip on the juice mixture every hour.

        *Your blood sugar level should remain normal, and you shouldn't get hungry, but may feel a desire to

        have food in your mouth.  Because your food is in liquid form it is assimilated into the system very  

        rapidly, allowing both cleansing and rebuilding of the body to take place at an accelerated pace.


What will my Detoxification Program be like?

On days 1 and 2 you will eliminate all white flower and sugar products, alcohol, caffeine, meat and dairy from your diet.  You may eat fruits and vegetables, lean protein like eggs, whole grains, etc.  You will begin to take your cleansing herbs, drink 8 glasses of distilled water and incorporate as many fruits and vegetables as you want into your diet.  On days 3 thru 5, along with your detoxifying herbs, you will have only, your lemon/pure maple syrup mixture along with 8 glasses of distilled water. 


I'm Dizzy.
If you get light headed or dizzy, the juice mixture may not be properly balanced, you have gone too long without a drink, or you may need to add a little more maple syrup to the mixture.


I'm constipated

During the three days of your liquid meals, you may not have a bowel movement.  A normal healthy colon has a peristaltic action, like an accordion, where the muscles move the intestinal waste along to be eliminated.  When this is working properly, it will continue functioning during detoxification.  However, for many people today, this peristaltic action has diminished, and that leaves the colon dependent on more food waste to force through what it is already holding.  When this is happening, and you are eating only a liquid diet, you no longer have the bulk to push through what is sitting in your colon.  This indicates that you need to put some thought and concern into restoring you colon to health.  As soon as you eat solid food again, it will commence pushing the rest through.  Healthy eating and a series of detoxification should improve

this condition.


Will I lose weight?
You may lose 3 – 8 lbs. Water and waste.  Weight loss is a perk. 


What do I eat after Detoxifying?

The M'lis program guide located in your Detox Herb kit will walk you through the introduction of food after your detox.  We all know that we would be better off staying away from white flour, and sugar.


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