Salon Bronzing Guide 

Try to shower, shave or buff before your appointment.  If you wax, do so the day before a Buff & Bronze.  Waxing makes the skin’s surface the “ultimate” in smooth.  Don’t book waxing for at least one week following your Fake Bake appointment.


Wear loose clothing and slip on shoes to your appointment.  Fake Bake’s mocha color guide is a stain, not a dye and is temporary.  DHA actually tans your body – the color is for application purposes only.  The less contact with “opposing forces” such as tight bra straps, jeans, nylons, etc. – the better.  Try to let your product dry thoroughly before dressing.


Do not shower or bathe until the next day, your color needs at least 8 hours to process.  Stay cool and avoid contact with water.  The mocha color guide may streak slightly if you perspire or get wet.  When you shower the next morning, you will notice a little brown color guide rinsing off. 


Do not wear silk or 100% cotton clothing right after application of Fake Bake

Fake Bake will wash out of any synthetic.  Do not however wear silk or 100% cotton clothing or underwear.  If you do get fake bake on your clothing wash it right away with a good fabric wash.  If you get a stain remember not to throw the garment into the dryer until the stain is out.



  • We do not recommend having this treatment done the day of, or the day before a big event.  You do not want color rub off on that special dress.  Your tan needs time to process and develop.  It’s best to book no less than 1 day before your big event.
  • Use a light moisturizer daily.
  • Exfoliate and apply Fake Bake on a regular basis to maintain the color level you want.