Fake Bake

Because orange is NOT the New Brown 

It's called Fake Bake, but there's nothing fake about looking this fabulous.


Found in star trailers and summer homes all over the world, Fake Bake Self - Tanning Lotion reigns

as the most natural looking tan under the sun (except, of course, it's not under the sun).  It's the

sunless tanner of choice for celebrities that include Demi Lovato, Madonna and Britney Spears.


Designed for easy, goof proof application, Fake Bake has a built - in color guide — a dark temporary

color that lets you see exactly where you're applying the product.  No pale patches, no streaks, no

dark spots.  Apply the product with gloves at night, shower off the color guide in the morning, and

show off your flawless Fake Bake tan.  The exclusive, patented formula contains penetrating

ingredients tha tbond with your skin's own pigment.  Only Fake Bake is formulated to transport DHA,

the active tanning ingredient, to deeper layers of skin.  The result is a tan that's more intense and

more natural looking than anything else on the market.  When used as directed, the color stays for

days without fading.


The creators of Fake Bake self tanner are dedicated to developing breakthrough products using only

thebest ingredients and latest technology.