At Home Bronzing

Usage:  PM Application – before bed
This is the best time for application or reapplication.  Your 8 hours of sleep are perfect for the processing time.  You can shower in the morning to remove your color guide and swim all day if you would like.


Shower and Buff: The secret to a great tan application is to understand the need to remove the dry skin cells from your body prior to Fake Bake application.


Wear Gloves: Put gloves on before applying self tanner.  If you get it on your hands, wash up with fresh lemon juice (and, no, lemonade won’t cut it).


Never apply Fake Bake directly to an area that bends (knees, elbows, feet, hands etc.).  Just lightly glaze over these areas.  Use your enclosed gloves during application.  Applying a little moisture to these areas will prevent over absorption of the tanning product.


If you streak, work the streaks out. The mocha base is there so that you can see what you need to correct.  Apply a little light weight moisture and blend, blend, blend.  You could also do what a makeup artist would do and dampen a cosmetic sponge with water to blend a small amount of Fake Bake from wrists to hands, and ankles to feet.


Do not use on acne or acne-prone skin.  Fake Bake has emollients that would be too heavy for acne prone skin.  Application to acne scaring would make the areas look darker. If you want to tan skin with acne use our Tan Towels.  Tan Towels were formulated for oily breakout prone skin.  Tan Towels are totally non pore clogging.

Use a light moisturizer every day.

Do not use soap when you shower if you want to save your skin and your tan.  The only areas of your body that should ever be washed with soap are Under Arm, Belly Button, Groin, and Feet.  Buff your body lightly with bath gloves and a little shower gel twice a week.  


Want it darker? Apply Fake Bake 2-3 nights in a row to build a good base tan, then as often as needed to maintain the color you want.  Buff every 2 –3 days. Remember you don’t need to use soap all over your body every day.